Steps to Watch out Before And After Lubricant Oil Sampling

Lubricant (or oil) analysis has been shown over time to provide an accurate picture of a piece of equipment’s condition. However, in order to produce the most representative sample for examination, sampling must be done with considerable caution. As a result, a precise Analysis Report will be generated, which will be used by the maintenance team to design effective oil condition-based action plans.

Incorrect sample, on the other hand, will result in an inaccurate analysis and, as a result, an unsuccessful action plan. As a result, it is critical for the sampling technician to take all precautions and follow the steps outlined below to minimize external contamination and false positives, which are common throughout the sampling process.

Steps Before Lubricant Oil Sampling

  • Consider sampling from operational equipment: When sampling from a live zone while the equipment is in operation, the best representative sample is acquired. Bends, elbows, and the area just before the filter are some of the best places to get a great representative sample for examination.
  • Sampling from an idle equipment: Idle equipment should not be sampled. If the sample can only be collected from a non-operational piece of equipment, sampling should be done within 15 minutes of the piece of equipment being idle. This helps to avoid False Positives and False Negatives throughout the sampling process.
  • Avoid sampling from the drain: Samples must be taken from the sample ports/valves that have been approved. Because the majority of the dead additives, sediment, and water separate from the oil in circulation and settle to the bottom, there’s a good chance they’ll end up in the sample retrieved from the drain, resulting in False Positives.
  • Use appropriate sampling kits: To avoid unwanted contaminant infiltration to both the oil sample and, more significantly, the equipment, sampling must be done with the necessary accessories for each piece of equipment (vampire sampling pump, oil plug valve, sampling tube, sampling bottles, tube cutter).
  • Maintaining a clean sampling port is paramount: Before sampling, make sure the surface around the sampling port is clean and dry. This will prevent pollutants from making their way into the sample equipment.

Steps After Lubricant Oil Sampling

  • Seal the sample bottle: Remove the sample bottle from the vampire pump once the needed sample quantity has been drawn, and tightly seal the sample bottle to prevent external contamination and oil leakage during transit to the laboratory.
  • Close the sampling port: To prevent pollutant infiltration into the system, the sample port/valve must be quickly closed. The longer the sample ports are open, the more likely the system may become polluted.
  • Sampling with a vampire pump: Cut the sampling tube above the vampire pump with an appropriate tube cutter as the vampire pump is withdrawn from the sample bottle. Pull the sampling tube downwards while holding the pump horizontally. This will help to keep the oil tested from contaminating the pump.
  • Augment your data density: The sample job card should include all available equipment information. The Diagnostician can produce a conclusive and exact diagnosis on oil condition with the use of extensive data, which then lets the maintenance team perform condition-based maintenance.
  • Submission of oil sample: Ensure that the oil sample is delivered to the nearest Intertek OCM laboratory for a thorough examination.

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